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Creating your Life on Purpose!

Most of my clients are smart capable women who have lived a life with purpose, but their life is changing creating uncertainty and unwanted anxiety. They are not sure what their future looks like.

These new challenges have stirred up both emotional and financial concerns making their money a high priority. They want to know what their life will look like and will their money support their future path. 

It doesn't matter whether they lost a spouse, experienced divorce, moving into retirement or other transition, they all have the same three concerns:

  •  Will I be able to live the life I desire?
  •  Will I run out of money before I run out of life?
  •  Will I ever find inner peace and happiness again?

We directly guide our clients to create their new life on purpose which starts the transformation to create more clarity, confidence and gives them the opportunity to create a new vision for financial security and path to happiness.

My mission as a financial expert and yoga teacher is to create an environment where women feel safe and understood, where their financial concerns are addressed and their new path begins. With patience and guidance, they begin to rebuild their lives one step at a time moving toward financial and spiritual abundance.

We are proud to be a recipient of the Women’s Choice Award®*: the only recognition program for well-qualified advisors who are committed to the women’s market and serving their female clients.

*The Women’s Choice Award® Financial Advisor program was created by WomenCertified Inc., the Voice of Women, in an effort to help women make smart financial choices. The Women’s Choice Award Financial Program is based on 17 objective criteria associated with providing quality service to women clients, such as credentials, experience, and a favorable regulatory history, among other factors. Financial advisors do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the final list of Women’s Choice Award Financial Advisors, though they may have paid a basic program fee to cover the cost of their client survey. The inclusion of a financial advisor within the Women’s Choice Award Financial Advisor network should not be construed as an endorsement of the financial advisor by WomenCertified Inc. or its partners and affiliates and is no guarantee as to future investment success.  Women’s Choice Award® Financial Advisors and Firms represent less than 1% of financial advisors in the U.S. As of February 2016, of the 783 considered for the Women’s Choice Award, 122 were named Women’s Choice Award Financial Advisors/Firms.  The criteria provided reflects the most recent year for which Financial Advisors/Firms received the award. The criteria used, the number of Financial Advisors/Firms considered for the award, and the number of those who receive the ward, may vary from year to year. For more information, please visit

Womens Choice Award


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