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Financially Empowering Women

Craig works with outstanding women who desire a true financial & spiritual advocate.  Being outstanding is not defined by your marital status; it does not matter if you are married, divorced, widowed or single. Being outstanding is measured by your heart, your contribution to commerce or community or your passion to make a difference in this world! 

Craig is an advisor who will listen and take the time to understand your concerns, goals, and dreams with no judgment. He will help you make informed, intelligent decisions around your money while building a relationship based on trust, transparency, and authenticity with effective communication.

Our true mission is to create an environment where women feel safe and understood, where their financial concerns are addressed and their new path begins. Through our financial guidance, these women move down their personal path toward financial and spiritual abundance.

As an avid yoga teacher & practitioner, Craig embraces a more holistic approach to finance to guide you down your path toward inner peace and happiness.

 Whether your going through transition or new phase in your life, all women share three major concerns:

  • Will I be able to live the life I desire?
  • Will I run out of money before I run out of life?
  • Will I ever find inner peace and happiness again?

We are proud to be a recipient of the Women's Choice Award®*: the only recognition program for well-qualified advisors who are committed to the women's market and serving their female clients.

*The Women’s Choice Award® is for advisors who provide quality service to their female clients and is based on 17 objective criteria such as credentials, experience, and a favorable regulatory history. Financial advisors do not pay a fee to be considered for the award, though have paid a basic program fee to cover the cost of a comprehensive review and client survey.

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